8 Fortunate celebrities who escaped death read their story of tackling danger

8 Fortunate celebrities who escaped death read their story of tackling danger


Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman

Ayesha and Azfar were travelling from Haidarabad to Karachi when they met a horrible accident.According to Azfar when Ayesha was in severe pain due to injuries police officers were asking that what is the relation of Azfar Ayesa.
Police do not even care about actress’s painful condition.
fortunately they get treatment of right time and now both are working in field.


Babar Khan who got married to late Sana Khan were on their way to Karachi.Unfortunately their vehicle suffered an accident.Sana khan died at the moment and Babar khan was shifted to local hospital.However babar escaped death but it was like his world ends as his beloved wife died in that accident .These days you can see Babar in different dramas. There are so many morning show hosts who invite Babar to ask about Sana but babar refuse to make his wife’s death commercialize on camera.

Nimra Khan

Pakistani actress Nimra Khan had a severe car accident recently. She was very badly wounded. Her car got stuck into an army jeep and her car got totally crushed.
When the rescue members took Nimra out of her car, she was crying and screaming loudly. She was taken to the nearest hospital and the doctors said that these 24 hours are very crucial for her and asked her family members to pray for her. The 24 hour operation got successful. Besides getting serious injuries, Nimra Khan leg was fractured.

Humayun Saeed

Humayun the kind Saeed of Pakistani dramas was badly injured in a car crash accident in Bangkok.
His wife Samina was also in that car.According to Humayun’s close friend Nadeem he got faint for almost 10 or 15 minutes but he survive in the accident.