Top 8 Girls With Best Fashion Sense In Town


Top 8 Girls With Best Fashion Sense In Town


Todays’s glamour world depends on new fashion trends.In field of media there are very few people who have perfect fashion sense. In our country  some actress of old era and some of new generation are complete package . They know very well how to carry themselves in age of media.  Neelum Munir, Mehwish Hayat and Sanam Baloch comes from same age group are famous for their decent dressing and styling. People love to follow their fashion and style statements .

beautiful Jhumkas looks awsome on Neelum Munir

famous for her eastern look Yumna Zaidi looks nice in western wear too. pants with black and white dots looks so good on her .

Maya ali and sanam baloch two close friend  really love to wear same dresses see them and tell who wore it better

54 years old diva still better than so many other actresses who cant maintain themselves. Mahnoor confess that she is that old but its her quality that she carry herself in best manner